Anushri filter issue after VCO tuning fix

I assembled my Anushri a few years ago but decided to do the fix today to attend to the VCO tuning issue that so many others have complained of. I replaced only R61 (with 91k resistor), which was a bit of a struggle to desolder and decided to check if the issue had been solved since I read here that it did the trick for some other people.

However, I now notice that the filter is not responding to the cutoff frequency pot but instead behaves always as though it is turned fully clockwise. It is possible that I may have damaged something while attempting the fix but what could it be?

I can hear the difference when I change the filter mode using the physical switch (low-pass: completely open and high-pass: completely closed). The filter is not responding to MIDI CC either. Please help!

I’ve reset it a couple of times (holding start/stop while powering on) and I have checked that the VCF envelope amount is set to minimum but this does not make a difference to the filter behaviour.