Anushri Feature Request: Stop Button Behavior

Would it be possible/desirable to allow the last drum to complete its playback when the stop button is pushed? It would make for much nicer ends of songs/jams.

hmmmm not sure how hard it would be. will look into this…

Nice! Thanks, Olivier!

Let me know how it works…

It also fades in the DC component to prevent the “pop” that occurred before.

Works great! There seems to be a weird DC thing happening right at the beginning, though. Not sure if that’s fixable or not, but the STOP works great now!


It would need this:

To slowly ramp-up the audio output once it knows in advance you’re going to press the START button.

And this would make the kit quite expensive…

Do you have a mouser bom for that?

I’ll email some Libyans I know…

erm, what is this? a stationary flux compensator?

Thats one of the new color scanning tunneling microscope shots from inside the Anushris MCU….

I like the new behaviour too, thanks! :slight_smile:

BTW, I’ve spent hours playing with Anushri using this firmware update. I think it’s fairly safe to release it!

It’s flashed on the chips/kits I sell.

Good, good! I love the Anushri and love ending jams with its huge aliased kick bass bomb.