Anushri external sync help. (if you know ableton live that would be even more help!)

I read the manual, and for some reason it did not make sense to me how accomplish.

Could anyone please explain in a bit more detail how you would external sync to a DAW (Ableton if possible) ?

(I got as far as turning sequence speed knob to 0 to trigger external)

Set the tempo to its minimum value (=> the internal clock will stop) ; and send a MIDI clock to Anushri’s MIDI input. Anushri will instead derive its tempo from the MIDI start / MIDI clock messages on its MIDI input.

I had a similar issue with Anushri. Olivier provided a new firmware and now it works for me. You can check the thread here:

I got ableton to output a clock and seems to work fine, when recording to audio there is a 5ms delay due to sound card buffer, but I just warped it.

In order to update firmware you would have to pull the ATMega and then have a programmer hardware for it correct?

No, see the “firmware update” section in the manual