Anushri Eurorack to Tabletop

14pcs available. Some already reserved. If there’s interest I’ll make another batch.
Price 34€. Includes metal bottom, wood and fastenings.
Shipping EU 10€ Non EU 14€.

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I’m in!

I want one!

Wow, beautiful! I’m in! =)

+1 for me.


Oh man… can I haz one too pleeez? +1 for me!

I’m up for one please

Want one, please!

I’d like one.

One for me, please.

+1 here

one for me please :slight_smile:

One for me too please! :slight_smile:

+1 for me too, please.

I would like one, please

Still one left?

+1, how to order?

+1 for me too, please!

he said 14 avialable, greedy guyz :smiley:

Then next batch, please :wink: