Anushri eurorack panel

Before I purchase 100 of these, I’d like to get a second opinion on the Anushri Eurorack panel.

Anybody would like to try the panel and give me some feedback before the final order is sent (on monday or tuesday)?

People in EU preferably, with an Eurorack system. I’ll send the panel by DHL, you don’t have anything to pay and you can keep it.

I’m not in the Eu but I’d love to do it for you.

To bad my Anushri is not finished yet … still intersted to get one of those panels

I have to send the final file on monday; so I want the panel I send to be received tomorrow. Hence the EU constraint…

If interested pm me your address.

If you want it to be received by tomorrow, you probably should restrict this to people living in France?!?

Almost everything I ship with DHL express gets delivered the next day in europe.

Pickup is in 1 hour…

I’m in, and in the EU :slight_smile:
Edit - and my Anushri is ready to rock !

PM please!

(the irony)


Just finisehd assembling Anushri kit ordered last week (right after shop reopening), would be interested in testing this new eurorack panel too, before going for final Eurorack integration.
I’m in!
And I’m in Paris,

Hm, sorry, havn’t carrefully read the thred, guess it’s too late now

I propably will buy it, allthough it is going to be quite pricey, if I remember correct. My Anushri really needs it, I hate the plastic one (sorry fcd72…)

So i’ve started converting my anushri for use in my eurorack… It’s involves a lot of desoldering.

I noticed the ‘mod’ points in the CV lines coming out of the MCP4822. Could i just bring those out to midijacks to have some extra CV outputs? And if so wouldn’t that also be a nice option for the extra breakout panel?

Another thing to mention is to change the LM4040 Vrefs for A grade ones. The mouser ones in the original BOM are C grade. This is an A grade one at farnell.

> Could i just bring those out to midijacks to have some extra CV outputs?

These are intended for testing only. It is NOT recommended to break them out as they are not protected, and have unusual scales (0.25V/Oct or 0.5V/Oct) anyway.