Anushri Eurorack Faceplate

Hi Olivier,
First I have to apologise if this is in the wrong section of the forum, I wasn’t sure if I should post it here or in the Modules section.
Secondly, I’m absolutely loving my Eurorackified Anushri and the Eurorack modules I have so far. Which brings me onto my third point…
I’m currently putting together an all MI rack to complement/supplement my 12U all Doepfer case, and I really love the design of the new MI eurorack modules, so I was wondering if you have any plans to make a faceplate for the Eurorack Anushri and it’s midi / I/0 breakout module in the style of the new MI modules?
It would look absolutely stunning in anyone’s rack.

Keep up the magnificent work.



That would be a beautiful thing.

How many people would be interested in this? For a small batch, it would be in the 50-60€ range if I take into account the setup fees and one iteration of prototypes.

Also, does it mean that I should start selling a set of matching (Rogan) knobs too?

I guess there probably aren’t too many Eurorack versions of the Anushri out there in the wild at the moment, but I for one would definitely buy a faceplate.

Your Eurorack modules are by far the best looking modules around in my opinion, and I can’t help thinking that the Anushri would look stunning next to them kitted out in the same livery, knobs and faceplate.
I was actually thinking it would cost more than that. So I’d be willing to pay more if there’s enough interest.
Or, if there’s only a handful of us interested i’d gladly cover a lot of the set up and prototype cost if that helps. (At least that way you hopefully wouldn’t be out of pocket if not many people show an interest).

I realise that at the moment you must be flat out busy with getting your new modules finished and to market, so there’s no rush, if there is interest in a faceplate that is.

Thanks again.

According to modulargrid, in 33 racks. So even if half of them are fantasy, this might still be a reasonable enough market.

I think an Anushri frontplate could be a cool idea!
Do you want them with or without the MIDI/Audio connectors on the rear accessible on the front?

I’d buy one, I still have some empty HP in my happy ending between the braids and the ripples

depending on teh price and how difficult converting my stand alone to eurorack would be I could be talked into it! Im using my anushri as a controller for my euro racks now pretty much all the time anyways

Excellent. Hopefully you’ll think this is worth a go.

I’ve currently got the midi and audio I/O in 8hp to the left of the 42hp Anushri, which I think is the standard Anushri Eurorack set-up so would ideally like to keep it like that.
I’ve currently got my MI modules in a HEK too, but realise I’m going to have to get a separate 6U case at some stage, purely for MI… I can’t wait.
They’re probably the most forward thinking, unique and versatile modules out there, so they deserve their own case. And the Anushri plays incredibly well with Eurorack too.

A question I have is whether or not other people would all want the MIDI I/O included or not. I am not a current Anushri owner (this makes it more tempting…) But I can imagine some folks might not use the MIDI ports in a Euro setup.

Would a separate breakout make things unreasonable, Olivier?

Also, I think selling matching knobs is a great idea. I’d buy them for my Shruthi, in any case :slight_smile:

I’d be in(bonus for midi/IO panel) if it’s reasonably priced, but wouldn’t it be more than 50-60€, considering that you would need to include the rest of the rackmount kit?

“Also, I think selling matching knobs is a great idea. I’d buy them for my Shruthi, in any case :)”

+1 on this.

I see your point re: midi breakout, maybe they should be a pair. Mine has separate faceplates at the moment as it is, so that wouldn’t bother me at all.

I am glad someone else brought this up! I thought about it when I was starting to plan my Eurorack but don’t have an Anushri (yet…) so I didn’t want to ask for something I wouldn’t be ready to buy.

i would have done it (for myself, one off) but i was too lazy to either file rectangular holes or construct a pad per hole board for raising the switches. but i have the formidable fcd72 panel, so what.
and i’ll probably sell it once i’ve checked all functions (yawn still on the to do list)
but i guess it won’t be the last i build so yeah i’d be in for a panel

With midi on front would be nice but i’m not sure i’ll buy one. Thiugh it is tempting… I still have to start my modular rack.

If I ever do it, I’ll do a 42 HP main panel + 8 HP breakout. The 8 HP breakout would be in the 15-20€ range. The metalphoto company I work with for the eurorack panel are really great, but they are not really interested in orders of 20 or 30 pcs only - they will do it but charge a lot.

… Oeps i made a double post…

That’s fair enough Olivier, and very understandable.
But if you ever feel like pricing up a short run of 20-30 with them I’d still be interested. And my offer to cover initial costs still stands.

This is what I’m aiming for, a 168hp Tiptop powered tabletop rack to sit nicely in front of my Doepfer Monster Case…

I’m part way there at the moment. But I think this rack is going to be absolutely immense when it’s completed.
And who knows what magic you’re going to conjure up in the future.
I’m looking forward to finding out.

Many thanks.

I have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) for something that isn’t even happening yet. Sign me up if this happens, send me along Anushri PCBs with it :wink:

+1 FOMO, I’ll take that with me to the gear support group.