Anushri Eurorack Expander Wiring question

I have sorted the 5 pin DIN/MIDI pinout but i’m still unsure about wiring of the I/O Jacks to the expander.

Is it J2 to ‘Out’ and J3 to ‘In’ on the expander ? Thats how i’ve done it.

I haven’t gotten to Signal Path testing and Calibration yet. My brain is fried , need a rest.

Thanks for all your help people. I probably have only one more question , then i’ll be done…

Yes, J2 is audio out and J3 is audio in. You need two wires for each: the pins are labeled T for tip (signal) and S for sleeve (ground) on the PCB.

For MIDI IN you need two wires: Pin 4 and Pin 5.
For MIDI OUT you need three wires: Pin 2 (gnd), Pin 4 and Pin 5.

I have done the I/O as above , (so i was right luckily)

I’ve wired all five connectors on each Jack to it’s corresponding pads on the PCB
for the Midi IN and Midi OUT.

MIDI Wiring as follows (based on Female DIN Pinout) :

Midi IN :

1 Brown
4 Red
2 Orange
5 Yellow
3 Green

Midi OUT :

1 Blue
4 Purple
2 Grey
5 White
3 Black

Edit :

From the Schematics it looks like the way i wired it will be fine ,
as the pads that are unused in the circuit don’t go anywhere

I have been using Anushri for years without using the expander, just the modular jack outs. Now due to some convenience I need to use 1/4" jacks. (Plus Im kinda hoping the front panel volume control works thru these jacks)

So the wiring SEEMED really obvious to me, I did the midi first, no problems.

But then I have now wired the Audio IN/OUT jacks to the J2 and J3 places, tip to where its printed IN and ring to where its printed SN. But its not working.

What can I possibly have missed? I stumbled across another thread with similar question, and there wasa . wiring diagram referred to, but the image was no longer visible, probably due to the forum update. CAn that be posted again?


er… hello?