Anushri Eurorack desktop case - off the shelf!

I was toying with the idea of building my own “bottom case” for my Eurorack Anusrhi, until such time as I buy a real Eurorack … rack.

After a little searching, I found the Hammond 1444-9552 from Mouser (546-1444-9552) for $11.90USD. I decided it might work and wasn’t a big gamble. Anyway, it DOES fit! I just had to trim the inner flange by about 3mm with some snips all the way around. Still plenty of room to drill the holes and tap them (I had to use 4-40 rather than M3, because now I live in the USA I have to go back to prehistoric measurements! :wink:

I painted it matt black and drilled a hole in the back for the DC power. Et voila!

What happened to your volume knob?

Oh, I’m short of one white knob in my Anushri rack kit! I’ll be ordering some Ambika stuff in a week or so, perhaps you can pop one in the box if I let you know when I order??

You should have told me! Drop me a note when you order the Ambika parts and I’ll add a white knob to your order.