Anushri euro rack hex bolts

I am building my anushri with the euro rack faceplate but plan to mount it as a desktop (wooden ends possibly) but will probably have some sort of frame And I need at least 2 more hex screws to complete it and make it look nice can i buy another set of matching hex screws or individual screws from here or anywhere else

Any decent hardware store should have M3X8 Hex Screws in black (Festigkeitsklasse 9.9)

If you can’t find any, look out for RC-(toy)-stores. Those hobby people are just nuts for nice screws … yes, that sounds odd again.

Evil bay is an option, too - if you are willing to pay utopical prices.

Look also from Farnell, Mouser, Elfa, Digi Key and so on.

If you are in the EU i can just send you some. But I’m not willing to do the CN22 Limbo Hassle for 2 Screws :wink: