Anushri Euro Panel Waiting List

What do you mean by IO?

this extra input/output plate

It depends how wide I’ll make it. I can make holes for Midi(Mutable Instruments Data Interconnect) and audio into back of the case or make the bottom so wide, that the I/O can be on font like in euro concept.

Ah… I think it makes much more sense to keep the MIDI and audio I/O on the back.

Please add me to the waiting list for the panel as we’ll. thanks!

I would be interested, @Adrian do you plan to make the full enclosure you spoke about in your previous posts ? Please add me too the list too! (any idea of about the schedule ?)

I’d be very interested in a full metal desktop case as well!

Just to clarify above: either a full metal desktop case or the eurorack panel :slight_smile:

2 eurorack for me please :slight_smile:

Full desktop metal case here as well! :slight_smile:
though I’d prefer to have the connectors on top, connectors on the back are always in the way.
How messy is it if one would like to remove the audio jacks from the already built Anushri?

I vote for the connectors of a full metal case to be in the same places they are on the current standard acrylic case.

I’d be more up for buying one if I knew I wasn’t going to have to desolder anything, and I imagine I’m not alone in this :wink:


So, for less than the price of most Eurorack sequencers, I get a full synth voice, some drums, an apreggiator and a sequencer? Hmmm…

“I’d be more up for buying one if I knew I wasn’t going to have to desolder anything, and I imagine I’m not alone in this ;)”

I must admit that I would probably totally hate that… but I have never tried to desolder an audio jack

Desoldering an IC is not very pleasant. Anything that is one piece and multi-pin is not something to desolder. Desoldering almost anything else is fairly easy.

thinking about it. I’ll keep the connectors on the back! :slight_smile:
Actually that’s the main thing that kept me from getting a euro panel for the Anushri.

@rumpelfilter: Right angle cables FTW!

I had the connectors on the back as well, as far as I remember, it still fitted in my eurorack rails/case… I couldn’t connect anything to them, but they were there… I desoldered them some time ago, wanting to use them on a shruthi filter board I had laying around, but turns out that they are different parts, so no dice… Meh…

I’m hoping we are talking about two different things. Having connectors on anything but the front of a modular panel seems kinda odd. My assumption is that a Euro panel for anything would have all connectors on the panel.

I thought we were talking about a standalone metal tabletop case for the Anushri.

Have I got the wrong end of the stick? Wrong stick, maybe…


I figured since the thread was titled, “Anushri Euro Panel Waiting List,” we were talking about a Euro panel. Of course, this is the Mutable Instruments forum, with a long and proud history of thread derailment.