Anushri - Electrical Surge

Hello all,

Unfortunately I had an electrical surge on Sunday evening that fried my Anushri power supply (a regulated PSU from Maplin…nothing major).
I was scared I ahev fried Anushri as well but it works with another PSU.

The only issue I have now is that the Octave knob and the Range Knob have lost their functionality, in the sens that when I turn them to the extremes the variations in tune is just one semitone.

I have tried to look through different troubleshooting posts but I have not found any similar issue.

would you be so kind to explain me what I have to check?
or if you already know the answer, please let me know if I have to change any component.


So everything but those two knobs works perfectly fine?

it seems like that.

Then check the soldering on them - if it was your atmega that was fried, you should have a dead machine on your hands.

maybe the 4051s that scan the pots?

Cool thanks guys.
I will check tonight and will report asap.


Hello, just to let you know.
I have checked the soldering and it is alright.
So I have been without a solution but:

I pressed hold and record twice and everything came back to normal…the synth tracks voltages well and I just needed to adjust teh calibration again…weird…

Anyway problem sorted it seems