Anushri Drums + Korg NanoKontrol

If you have a Korg NanoKontrol, load this scene and tweak the Anushri drums via CC (inspired by the Doepfer Pocket Dial demo elsewhere by DrKorg).


Anushri Drums (427 Bytes)

now thats cool!

oh yeah! even more reason for me to buy another raspberry pi to use strictly as a USB host!

cool Fitvideo! gonna try it later…

@bleo, can the raspberry pi be a USB host like the iConnectMIDI and let you use a Nanokontrol or a Nanokey without any computer?

Well, the Raspberry Pi is a computer. It is just very small.

The new Arduino due can also work as a USB host. I hope somebody will make an midi usb host thingy for it soon… There’s is a lot of people on different forums everywhere asking for such a device. The existing solution that are there now like the IConnectmidi and the Kenton midi usb host are all just a little bit to expensive for what it is

@elhambre yep so you’d just need to hook up a usb midi out device and setup the pi to pass midi from the nanoKontrol to the other usb midi device and it should just work!

it’s too bad that apparently the keith mcmillen midi expander doesn’t work for non-KMI devices, at $45 it’s a bit more reasonable than a kenton usb-midi host

@bleo: linkage? this is relevant to my interests…

see flip’s link above!

I have juggled the set , the top right three knobs of the NanoKontrol now alter LFO rate, LFO>VCO amount and the VCF cutoff


Anushri (425 Bytes)