Anushri Drum XY Map

I was wondering while reading Anushri´s development and Manual, is there an easy way to visualize the available Drum patterns contained in this XY Drum map/grid? If I understand properly, there would be 3 XY maps one for each Drum sound right?

I am aiming to better familiarize myself with what´s available instead of aimlessly wondering (which is wonderful in it´s own, meditative way) while using Anushri´s drum section.

I think its not meant to be precise and 100% reproduceable. Just turn the knobs and jam…

How about an unprecise, approximate?

Even that would help to have some general idea. At least to know into how many sections each axis is divided into?

This would take away all of the Magic :wink:

I promise not to tell anyone? ; )

I´m all for magic, it´s just that I want to know what animal I will be pulling out of my top hat!

A Platypus

No, there is no way to visualize them, and these are not even patterns, but step priority lists :slight_smile:

Hm, perhaps this would be a good usage for a MIDI-to-Smoke converter :wink:

Yeah, eventually!

I was just thinking of a Cheatsheet for Anushri that would be super while performing since Anushri is great at “impromptu” Parties.

Another thing I read is there would be an expansion of possibilities with new drum stuff added in an upcoming firmware update. How far away would something like that be? Tatooine-far or just around the corner?


Download, print and stick to your Ansuhri this Map:

Are the step priority lists consistent and repeatable? I guess I’m asking, say, if both knobs are at the 12 o’clock position - will that always be the same pattern?

It will always be the same priority list for each element, but there is some random factor that makes the patterns slightly different from one iteration to another. The feel stays the same, but the actual pattern is never the same.

@fcd72 that is very enlightening!

Into how many sectors would one divide the X and Y knobs? Or is it a continuously variable drumolition of styles and rainbows?

as far as i remember, it’s a 3x3 map on the anushri, so it’s not really continuous.
I believe that the dimensionnality on the new ‘corresponding’ eurorack module from MI (i don’t remember the name…) has been enhanced. The more dimensions there are, the more continuous it feels.

Its name is Grids and its overall marvelous. I dont think there are only 9 different spots on the Anushrihs Map, but lets wait for the Master himself to enlighten us.

Grids uses 5x5.

For both Anushri and Grids there’s interpolation between the nodes so it continuously mutates.

@ Varthdader / @ fcd72
4 example if U use 2 anushries,
like real anushrizens do,
it’s like YMO said,
X endless multiplies
No, there’s no need 2 go modular for that,
elsewhat there is needed some enhancement filter- and controllerwise, isn´ it ?
Just finished my Arpie, while not necessary for anushri a good go for my lushcontour 2 play with.
Those tiny ones are like playing in toyland.
Latest ideas depending anushricism is taken the enclosed image, on the angled front there will be
a nanopad to be installed, the holes 4 the plugs go elsewhere, xy-pad of nanopad instead of 6 holes on the toppanel right low which was thought for a Koma Kommander, while that does not make sense,
as this unit has to stand alone.(Flexibilitywise)
For filtering I have this in mind now ?

Besides the possibilities of sync and offset,
that would meant it’s 3x3x3x3
against 5x5,
so you need one simple anushri and one pimped one with filters and pads,
that’s 2 to go
2 mess up…