Anushri drum sounds somewhat like bad radio reception or a badly compressed audio file

Got my anushri kit, put it together and tested everything. So far so good, everything works like a charm and the sound is great. Except for the drum sound. Even with pot 10 at max there are always some artefacts that can be heard during the release phase of the drum sound. Sounds like a radio station with slightly bad reception. Lots of noice and some artifacts.

I cleaned the board with some board cleaner to check if there might be some shorts but nothing. Might there be a bad IC? I mean everything, really everything works and the overall sound is great, except for the artefacts in the bass drum sound. Or is it meant to sound somewhat lofi, like a 32 kbit mp3^^ ?


oh forget it … should have read that it’s a lofi drum section…think it’s getting too late now ^^

anyway, great device I’m already having lots of fun with! Awaiting the ambika now!


P.S. Heading to bed now ^^

Check the sound samples on the site - whether they contain as many artifacts as yours.

The resolution is 8-bit, so this sounds like stuff sampled on a Mirage or Amiga…

They sound much better recorded separately from the synthe section and run through filter / FXs.

howdy, I checked some of your demos last night and they sound the same. I was just wondering after assembly if I had soldered something the wrong way ^^ I like the lofi character of the drums but as wondering anyway, since everything else sounds pretty clean. Was already jamming for over an hour yesterday with the anushri and some of my other synths. So it’s a great and creative tool you brought us there :slight_smile:


don’t forget you can sequence any drums you like with the anu-drum seq. midi is your friend…

Anushri drums are a LOT of fun though:

Live tweaking the Anushri which is fed through a Space Baby PT delay (which is where most of the background noise is coming from, tricky to get the input gain just right)

thanks for that demo.

@neilbaldwin they really are!


i found a peak when pressing run/stop that is only hearing on the drum out, any idea of what could be?

see this