Anushri Demo tune with build pictures (Fun lil tune using only the Anushri and some light FX)

Got my first Mutable Instrument up and going. I can now hear the significance of an analog filter!

The anushri is a fun little kit. Although it is very simple in structure the DCO routing makes for some real interesting modulation. One thing I have run into is that I wish the LFO mod could have a larger amplitude.

Anyways, hope you like the demonstration of what it can do, I hope to be spending more time with it and learning more about analog in general, it has only fueled my fire for bigger, more complex rigs.

I sure hope oliver keeps designing, His analog/digi fusion is really a great concept and I think we will be seeing more of this concept in the future.

Nice track! Like it.

Good looking build you got there. What kind of setup did you use to make the song?

Just ableton small USB keyboard and some FX.

I mainly use Fab filter and Lexicon bundled VST fx. Also lots of little tricks in working with monophonic, like autopan and stereo imager spacial reverb and whatnot.

It was actually my first proper soldering project. Pretty happy with the outcome.

Those ICs look like trains on model railroad layout :slight_smile:

ha! interesting perspective. I can see that.

really really damn awesome sounds! great work

That is cool. MZ’s comment about the trains was great, I never thought of that. Maybe I’ll set up the N-scale stuff again and build some “chip cars”.

Wow, what a great track - makes me want to plug my anushri back in and make sure it’s working properly. So many projects going on all at once, I need to make more time for making music! Keep up the good work!