Anushri - connection


Last week I finished building the Anushri, but I can’t get a sound out of it yet.
The lights are working and responding and the power supply is also working fine.
The problem is that I don’t really know what kind of cables I should connect from where to where (Anushri, keyboard, speakers) to get sound out of it.
It would be really great if someone could help me out.


The manual shows which jack is which input/output.

Keyboard MIDI out to Anushri MIDI in.
Anushri Audio out to mixer/audio interface/speakers.

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Thank you for answering.
Unfortunately it’s still not working. I’m using a yamaha psr-273, it works fine as a midi keyboard in applications like Logic. Then it should be working here too right?
If it’s not the midi keyboard and the wire connection, do you maybe know what else it could be? (A common mistake perhaps.)

Thanks anyway,

Are you certain that

  1. You are plugging the midi out from the keyboard into the midi in? Double check.
    2)Are both units on the same midi channel?

From the manual:
“Hold the Hold button for 2 seconds. A note starts playing. Turn the 5 knobs on the last row to step through scales. Press the Hold button again to leave this mode.”

Can you now hear something?

Yess, it’s working. A note is playing and I can step through the scales like you said.

Do you have any other instrument that sends MIDI? Maybe there’s an assembly mistake on your MIDI receiving circuit (the 6N137 and the parts around it…).


  1. Yes, I checked it, thats not it
  2. I don’t know actually… How can I check and control this?

No, not here, but tomorrow I can check it somewhere else.
I did everything really carefully, but it’s not impossible of course. Hope that’s not it.

>> 2) I don’t know actually… How can I check and control this? <<

It’s all in the manual :wink:
“To select which MIDI channel Anushri will respond to, hold Hold and press the Synth button, then play a note on the MIDI channel you want it to respond to.”