Anushri clock-out / gate-in problem

I have been playing with the MusicThing Turing Machine, a Penrose quantiser and my Eurorack Anushi (well, Anookum). Anushri is providing the clock (directly from clock-out socket) for the Turing Machine and the Turing machine output CV goes to Anushri VCO CV in and the Turing pulse goes to Anushri gate-in. I find that the Anushri envelope doesn’t trigger reliably… sometimes just a click, sometimes the gate stays on until the next pulse. Interestingly sending the CV via the Penrose and using it’s trigger-out seems to clean things up. Anyway…
I remembered that the Turing Machine sends out pulse length exactly as per the input clock (you can use it for waveshaping at audio frequencies). So as an experiment, I connected Anushri clock-out directly to gate-in and got exactly the same unreliable triggering. I tried this a various clock resolutions from Anushri (hold + drum button to cycle through resolutions) and always the same. Can any other Anushri users verify this for me please? Just a patch cable from clock-out to gate-in. If others can verify the issue then any ideas on how to fix? I don’t have a scope so can’t check the clock-out signal… and it’s not clear whether the problem is in the pulse train or the gate-in. I notice from the schematic that there is multiplexing going on with these signals and wonder if the problem is at design/code level?
Cheers for any help!

Just made a quick Arduino 5v clock with 2ms pulses and the Anushri gate-in triggers perfectly. So I guess there is something unusual about Anushri’s clock-out (well at least on my build). Now to find an oscilloscope…