Anushri Clock In problem


I was playing this morning with Anushri and the arpeggiator sending clock from a Tr-707 Trigger out to Anushri’s clock in, all was working perfectly, but at some point anushri stopped to receive the 707 signal, then I tried to connect my clock from Innerclock systems Sync-Gen outs and again started to work perfectly, but tried again with 707 and anythings happens. Then after 10 minutes recording, anushri stopped receiving clock from innerclock sync-gen also, and now it does not receive any clock from any module. If try to put tempo up with the knob, the arpeggio runs ok, but now the “clock in” does not receive any signal anymore (I checked the clock signals from 707 and sync-gen and are ok, because works perfect with my modular)

Any ideas what is happening? :frowning:

just to be sure… Did you check the cable you are using for the sync connection?

yes, I try with different cables and nothing…

anyone had the same problem before? :frowning: