Anushri case

I’m wondering if all the holes in the Anushri case are there because it gets really hot?

I am asking this because I just noticed that it seems I have to order the Anushri PCB’s seperately from the case.
This is correct, right?
This adds €15.50 to the price in additional shipping costs, which makes me consider a DIY solution.
So I’m wondering if a cheap, simple, closed wooden or plastic box could be a solution at all or would this get too hot or give other problems?

Thanks in advance!

I think this notice is back from the 2nd run in December when part of the Kits were shipped from Germany. Currently all orders are shipped from Paris - as far as i know.

Ah, that would be great!
Can anyone confirm this?
I’ll drop MI a line and ask and put their anwer in here as well.
Any experience with MI’s usual response time?

Lightning fast.

Beautiful. I love these guys!
Thanks for the info, fcd72 :slight_smile:

As you said, lightning fast.
This was the answer :slight_smile:

Given that a small stock of Anushri cases has now been shipped here,
you can safely place your order and all items will be dispatched from
I have ordered :slight_smile:

Sometimes you even get answers from MI before you ask…

Haha, very impressive!

Welcome to the greatest synthesizer company in the world!

Physically on of the smaller - support, feature and quality wise its absolutely top notch leading edge - without being bleeding edge. Welcome to the ShruthiVersum™. Or as one of your fellow sufferers put it:

Q: How much money should i set aside for it?
A: All.

Thanks, Jojjelito.
fcd72, I’m well on my way to spending all my money on this stuff already!
I bought and happily built Shruti-1 in the beginning of the month and now I’m desperately shaking for my second fix… I need money for food too, you know

But I’m studying sound design so I tell my girlfriend that, by building these synths, I’m also building my future in the competitive business of sound design! :wink:

I just cross my fingers and hope that MI doesn’t come up with new stuff too quickly or I will have to sell my landlord’s kitchen appliances to pay for it!

@Hedefars Girl
Your man is building a solid foundation for his job as a sound designer with building and understanding mutable instruments gear. There is no better way as there is no better sounding and better documented stuff out there and theres always the master himself who is shurly willing to enlighten anybody who asks friendly. So don’t complain if your flat fills up with tiny little synths - i can do them in Pink if that suits your aesthetic needs better (/shamelessselfpromotion)

@Hedefar: Food, schmood! If you ever have some travel that takes you to Stockholm, there’s plenty of free food and almost all the Mutable Instruments to test here.

Kitchen appliances ain’t got nothing on MI products. There’s always other people’s kitchens or restaurants, fast food joints and such…

@fcd72, that will be forwarded right away! So you build cases? Just curious but what kind of materials? Do you have a website?

@Jojjelite, sjyst! Fast det är en bra bit från södra Danmark.
Now, I won’t turn this into a Swedish thread. I just had to show off (and dust off) my Swedish skills because I’ve lived in Sweden earlier on.
I would surely stop by if I had a jet, or something… but 900km on my bike with a flat back tire… hmm… some other time!

Did MI make a instuments that aren’t on the website anymore? Do you have a bunch of rare, legacy Mutabli-1™ or something? :wink:

History here. All the rare units, one-offs, failed boards, messy protos etc. can be stolen from fcd72’s house.

I don’t plan on robbing fcd72, but thanks for the info in case I need to one day!
By the way, when I use my head just a little bit, I figure out that you are probably not a “sir”. My apologies for addressing you as one yesterday.
And if I was in fact right to call you sir, then I apologize for this, now! :wink:

Thanks for the link to the history page too.

@fcd72, I just created a twitter account because I noticed that this is where new info goes first and figured out that you are the one doing the laser cutting in this neck of the woods. Nice work!

It gets even worse than the Protos: i have 2 untouched Sets of PCBs, ATMegas, Displays and CEM 3379s for the fabulous Shruti-1 here in my repository. I will sell them someday when it comes to fund my Son’s university Studies. Or just a Maserati. Whatever comes first.

You could sell your exotic toys -> buy a Maserati -> have fun (and don’t get killed) -> sell the Maserati before it breaks down (heard they are expensive to keep running) -> fund junior’s studies in electronics --> lean back and wait for junior to create more synths for the MI family business = WIN! All goals achieved!

If the exotic toys are Fabergé eggs maybe… Us poor people with musical instruments rarely hit such mother lodes :frowning: That said, 20/20 hindsight me would have bought even more old analogs back in the days.

Sure thing. What I wouldn’t give for a time machine!