Anushri Case Question

Has anyone successfully manufactured the Github Anushri .EPS file at Ponoko? Did you have to tweak the vector any for scale? Any other issues?

I always just send it to the Laser…… :wink:

I wish I had a Laser. If only I could convert my brewing grains into acrylic cases. :slight_smile:

welllllllll, you just could send me a file to get a quote….

Are you offering any Black Friday specials? :slight_smile:

Over here its Wednesday right now, but we might make a deal for a blach case on friday. :wink:

>brewing grains into acrylic cases

This may interest you.

Picobrew is an interesting concept, but the process of brewing beer on that system is seriously flawed. So many of the proper steps like boiling the wort are not used. Pico style automated beer brewing is just lame. I would rather buy a 6-pack of Coors Light before I ever supported Pico Brewing.

You’ll have to excuse my ignorance, I know more about making wine, but this process seems more similar to what a mass production facility does than the other home-brewing methods. I am sure that this device were designed so as to not boil over because it is a set and forget machine. However, I would be shocked if it didn’t get hot enough to boil water.
I just find it to be an interesting concept for people like me who enjoy very dark brews that are either expensive or hard to get. I definitely wouldn’t be trying to make Guinness in this, but instead crazy dark brews. I’d probably add some real spice to it too. Like habanero peppers.