Anushri - capacitor substitution

Hi shruthizens,

Just attached the beautiful aluminum faceplate to my Anushri – pretty painless procedure, looks fantastic. I had already built it with the orange case, and the only components that needed to be removed were the 1054 (of course), and the audio in/out connectors. Other than that, the midi connectors and power switch fit smoothly inside my rack (happy ending kit). I think, doing it again, I would just Dremel down the threaded sticky out bits of the audio connectors, rather than remove the connectors altogether.

Really, really, gorgeous panel, thanks MI crew !

Looking at my work from last year, however, I see that I failed to insert one of the “5x 560pF (561) at positions C8, C17, C30, C32, C35”, the one at C35. I remember it rolling onto the floor now… Anyhow, I don’t have an exact substitute on hand. I have 470, and 680 I believe. Are these caps just for decoupling or something where I can substitute the near-cousin, or is the 560 pF value critical?

Thanks, minphase

I should mention that the Anushri has been running fine for a year with nothing (open circuit) in that spot :slight_smile:

Preventing HF into the V2164. So yes, you can use a slightly different value.