Anushri Build or Usage Problem?

I’ve build my Anushri and actually it works (Sequencer works, Drum Machine works, Audio- Midi Input works, etc.).

But I’m not able to get a continous tone from the synth, no matter which knobs I turn (I think i tried all combinations right now) Everytime a plug in a Midi Keyboard (which I have Sustain, After Touch etc. all set to off) and I hold a note, the note begins to change after some period of time or the tone is going from down to up and than starting over again and again. This is a Masterkeyboard by Studiologic SL-880 and it works correctly when connected to another keyboard.

I’ve measured the signal Path and it seems correct to me. So is it a build problem, component failure or am I too stupid to use this thing?

Too illustrate I’ve attached 2 files (the pattern varies when tuning some of the knobs however I’ll never get a continous note being played).

the First file I’ve made with the sequencer turned off and actually not providing any input of any source
the second is when I press and hold a key on the keyboard.

The values measured of the signal Path are:

1: 8,89
2: 8,08
5V+: 4,98
5V-: -4,96
4,1V+: 4,09
4,1V-: -4.09

L: 2,24 (If I remember right, the value is constant when the control board is not connected, as soon as I connect the control board this values goes up and down the whole time, don’t know if this is correct)

Thanx everybody

P.S. Oliver you’ve done a great job on the manual the assembling procedure was very clear and easy to understand

Maybe the Factory Reset has helped, at least I get a constant tone now. But I’m checking further if there are other problems

This doesn’t sound very pleasant… I suggest you to check the bottom of the build instruction for the signal chain diagram - and try to trace the signal to see which section of the synth - VCO, mixer, VCF, VCA… is not working.