Anushri bouncing nicely

An Anushri arpeggiation, with a light dusting of reverb and delay.
Flight of the Bakenko
As an aside Soundcloud is being really arsey lately , errors uploading from mobile internet, Dashboard says oops all the time, all since they upgraded, so I am giving it a body swerve at the moment and sticking stuff on Paul Maddox’s Synth Net , a hugely under-utilised site which needs a bit of shameless promotion.

cool, but just as it started to get going it stops! :slight_smile:

A couple of reasons, I wanted to check out why Soundcloud was playing up, so I stopped it short, also I am in a mobile internet situation , having recently moved the phone line actually has a bakelite phone hard wired into the wall which I need to rectify without incurring the charges of an official engineer (I will sort this).
It went on for quite a while into all sorts of mayhem , so I will upload that or another version at a later date. But I am waiting on kit , a diy delay on veroboard this week, and delivery of a Jomox T- resonator while looking at the Koma Electronik pedals. When that is set up with the Shruthi, PreenFm and a few other rarities from the late Chimera Synthesis I shall put something up.