Anushri band pass filter troubleshoooting

Just when I thought all was well. The high & low pass works. The band pass makes a very low noise when fuzz is on almost silent when not.

I think its sounds more like a very quiet high pass filter than a band pass.

Any ideas ?

This is strange because the Anushri filter is a state variable filter - the BP output is an intermediate node in the filter, and if it doesn’t work, the other modes shouldn’t work. I suspect that the BP output is actually fine, but there’s a bad solder joint near the switch. Try resoldering all the pins of the mode selection switch.

Try directly probing the filter’s output on the PCB (point N):

This looks quite similar to my problem that I had.

I was able to fix it with re-soldering the VCF Mod filter switch.

Finally got round to sorting this, re soldering all the pins on the switch did the trick. Thanks