Anushri Audio In/Out (solved)

Strange things happen when I try to filter some extern signals through the anushri: Audio in doesn’t respond - when I put the signal to the audio out - signal goes through the anushri (without being anffected by the filter).
Where should I have a closer look at?

Not sure I understand the problem.

So signal goes through the VCF and the VCA, so the VCA needs to be opened for the signal to flow through (you can hold a note to open the VCA).

I put the sub to DCO, sub level to max and do the following:

  1. Put an external signal from another synth via 3,5 mm stereo in the audio in: No signal.
  2. Put the same external signal in the audio out: I hear the external synth. Turning the filter knob shows no effect, though.

Shouldn’t it be the other way round - and shouldn’t I hear some filtering?

1/ But do you trigger a note? You need to trigger a note to open the VCA.

2/ The 3.5 audio output jack and the 6.35 audio output jack on the back of the synth are connected to each other. So it’s normal that if you connect a signal on one side it’ll be present on the other sie too.

Thank you Olivier!
Audio In works fine.
Both things you say make terribly sense.
It’s just my slow brain which needed a while to understand the point.
Learned something…

I think I need some holidays…

don’t know why I posted this in the Shruti thread