Anushri assembly and bom

Does anybody have a suggestion for replacing the center detent 10kB pot (688-RK09D1130C3C) in the bom. They are not available at mouser till november.

You could live without the detent I guess…

DigiKey ought to have very similar Panasonic pots. EVU-F3 something something for detent. EVU-F2 without. They’re at least as good as the Alps, depends on how stiff you like your pots. Slightly stiffer than Alps, with or without bushing.

just found some myself here

Thanks for the link, I intended to use the non detent version but I will just order a bunch of these

Hi all, I’ve put a Mouser BOM here:

Let me know if there are any errors and I will correct it

Edit-my DPDT was wrong-not an ON-ON-ON type. I have removed it from the BOM-sorry for any confusion

I’ve included 3 collarless ALPS 10k non-detented as substitutes for the unavailable detented ones-these are also much cheaper than the standard collared ALPS 10ks specified with the only difference being the “collar”. You may choose to get all this type and save some money…

I have not included the spacers from the build page BOM because it looks like the quantities are wrong-there are no M/F spacers for a start.

The quantities are OK, but these are all MF spacers indeed, not FF.

oeps just ordered F/F 10mm spacers

Thanks for the clarification Pichenettes! Added the spacers and a Mountain Switch substitute for the out-of-stock SPDT.

Thanks for the BOM, think this needs to be added to the wiki. Looks like a few things are backordered. You can use green leds, they are in stock and another version of the tactile switches with taller stems are available. That is quite a BOM!

No probs shimoda :slight_smile: Just one thing-it doesn’t look like Mouser carries phone jacks that fit the bill. Frustratingly they have a stereo jack in exactly the same form factor but it’s missing the switched contact that is needed for normalised connections in Anushri. BTW closest match to the DPDT switch is this, which has an unthreaded bushing and is expensive: 611-T211SY9CQE

Just take the stereo jack and make it into a mono one by pulling out the tabs. I do it all the time, its the same part with just an extra set of contacts

Does the stereo jack have a switch? What’s the reference?

We also apparently need a replacement for one of the caps that is out of stock on that BOM. Will look after work.

This switch, though taller, I believe is otherwise the same form factor for the ones that are out of stock until November or October:

or just part: 612-TL1100-6JBLK on Mouser

Ok, I just looked up the jack and that looks like the ambika one, not the one in the Shruthi so I cant be 100% sure the same thing would apply but with the other style jacks, the contacts could be easily removed to make a stereo one into a mono one. The plastic molded part is the same, the stereo ones just come with the extra contact in place

Oh, I thought you were talking about the 3.5 jacks on the top panel…

ah. I assumed the phone jacks were the 1/4" ones. I have some of those stereo mouser ones at home so I’ll see if anything can be done. Lumberg lists Allied as a distributor but they dont have that part listed so it might make sense to just grab a bunch from the UK and split the $20 shipping…

it’s the 3.5 ones not available at mouser… i ordered most of those missing parts from Farnell