Anushri / Anookum - No output


Is there a basic block diagram or signal flow diagram to support the fault finding process?

Might be a silly / stupid question but had to ask :-).

Does Anushri need a MiDi Input to trigger or will it self play?

Happy Dayz


I now have a synth output that is working…YaY. Sounds great.
Drums = Nothing from drums out. More exploration needed :frowning:

Drums all sorted, happy days.

VCF is not functioning in part. When switched in Low Pass is strong. When selected Band Pass and High Pass produce no output. I can hear a very low sound when the High Pass is selected and R76 is near minimum. The F_CV voltage (+2.4v down to +1.72v) is present on the Quad VCA (V2164) chip on Pins 3 / 14 suggesting the filter is closed. I have even set R76 to the ideal value but still nothing. The voltage was measured at D5 Cathode and adjustable using the R76 10K trimmer. The Reference voltage is also solid at -4.096v.

IC5 and IC6 have been swapped out no change. IC9 next ?

The synth works is all other aspects however, the Filter Frequency and Resonance controls seem to have minimal effect but they work.

Any ideas from the room.

Issue Resolved. Low resistance found in VCF CV path. Closed.
Happy Dayz.