Anushri and Microbrute routing question

Hi! Quick question about CV, Gate and midi out of Anushri. Im tempted to buy myself Arturia Microbrute but to my dissapointment it doesnt have a Midi Out port (only usb-midi out). This makes things tricky for all hardware setup as I was thinking of using Microbrute as nice compact master keyboard to sequence MPC1000.

So, would it be possible to do routing Microbrute CV+Gate out to Anushris CV+Gate in and then Anushris Midi Out to MPCs midi in to record midi note data?

I know that the simplest (and totally different) way of doing this would be with Kenton Midi USB-host or something but somehow I dont feel like paying almost 100e of that kind of a box.

Anushri’s CV/Gate inputs are hooked straight to its analog circuitry. There’s nothing that converts these back to MIDI. That’s the point actually - this allows super-wild modulations that wouldn’t translate back to MIDI anyway…

Ok thanks! New to whole CV thing anyways. Have to think another way then.

You could try this device.


Yep, mentioned it in my post above :wink: Way too expensive to hook up a reasonably cheap synth :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem is the task you want to perform is a rather complicated one and the machinery to do so depends in the task and is quite independent of the price of the Synth you connect it to :wink:

What about the Minibrute, it does Midi-cv conversion and has a nicer keyboard…

I agree: Minibrute + Anushri is a wonderful combination !