Anushri and MFB Drum Sequencer

Can anyone give me advice about how to get a MFB Seq-01 Drum Sequencer triggering and syncing to the Anushri clock driven by a midi master from Logic?
I got myself the MFB Seq and some modules with a view to selling my LXR but I’ve run into a problem with triggering it from the Anushri clock. Basically its not happening, there’s definitely a clock signal coming out of the Anushri and its spec’d to be 5V so I guess it should be compatible. I can see i might have a problem with the clock frequency as the MFB is either 16 or 96 ticks and i think the Anushri is 4, 8 or 24 but i thought I could resolve that with a clock divider (?). So whether i fire Logic sync through the chain or run the Anushri’s sequencer nothing happens. Running the Anushri sequencer does not drive the MFB nor vice versa. As an aside to show the MFB works the MFB clock out will drive my Monotribe albeit at 2x speed after adjustment on the Monotribe and the Monotribe clock can sync to the MFB. The MFB can also stop/start the Monotribe but not the other way round… Any advice cheerfully greeted, thanks!

May I ask, can you provide a review of your experiences using the Sonic Potions LXR? Any user feedback would be helpful :slight_smile:

I haven’t used the LXR that much but its got a great sound engine and clearly a lot of flexibility with programming. I had bit of a problem with external sync via USB but hopefully the new firmware (Firmware v0.24a) has fixed that, must get on with downloading that. I ran out of midi thrus to reach it via the midi in. Meanwhile I just into the idea of modular drums as i’m plain knob mad.

Sorry to jump in but - user feedback from using the LXR : it’s fantastic & the best bang-for-buck DIY drum machine in the market. Digital tends to turn people off but when you realise just how feature-crammed it is (LFOs, filters, FM, morphing etc etc), you realise why it’s a good choice & gives you loads of variety and value in one machine. Just sold my prototype one and will be buying another kit one day… plus I sync’d it fine by MIDI to Octatrack - never tried the USB or MIDI sync out though.

Thank you both for your reviews and bendy for bringing this cool instrument to my attention :slight_smile:

  • digital is the new analog™

I recently had loads of fun only with digital/hybrid synths and only on little lonely yellow Shruthi.