Anushri and Martenot?

I all of you. I just have a few minutes on internet today and I want to show you something, this video,
that can be interresting
but I wonder if it can work with the Anushri?!?
A guy recreate this big pot control ‘‘à la Martenot’’ and drive is modular synth with that.
And the keyboard DX7 is only here to act as a visual reference of notes. It’s not power on.
what do you think of that??:


i saw a video some time back of a guy who build a device with midi out using exactly that kind of interface . (i cant find the link anymore though)
i think he used an arduino for the logic. i think it only sent pitchbend information for the pitch (always the same note).
but i guess the the logic could be improved and have it output note for the basic pitch + pitchbent for the slides to have better resolution.

found it…

thanks loderbast!
As hear this, it make me thinking ( the sound) of a bladerunner kind of way.
isn’t it?