Anushri and external audio modulating vco

Hi All-

I was wondering if it’s possible to put external audio into anushri, turn down the digital oscillator, and have the external input modulate the vco. I read on another post that Olivier says: “If you plan to use the VCA with external audio-rate audio signals for ring-modulation style sounds, don’t solder it. Downside: will make the envelope more clicky.” I’m guessing you can just install a switch for when you want to ring modulate, but is there any way around the clickiness? Also, is it possible to do more than ring modulate, say, cross modulate, fm, am, etc? I hope this isn’t a silly question.

I also wonder the same thing with a shruthi. When you put external audio into a shruthi, since the audio enters the signal chain after the digital oscillators intertwine, there’s no way for the digital oscillators and/or external signal to modulate each other either, correct? Could it be modded to do so, anushri style?


thanks, much appreciated! mm, android fart noises not what I was going for.

First thing:

  • AM = ring modulation
  • Cross-modulation = either anything involving two signals (such as AM, FM…) or much more commonly anything with 2 inputs, 2 outputs (so you have to think about those?)

Regarding Anushri’s VCA:

The way to get around the clickiness is to put a smoothing cap to smooth the control signal, and thus prevent things to work at audio rate.

For FM, there’s a VCO CV input!

There’s already plenty of room for silly audio modulations on the front panel.

Regarding the Shruthi:

You could use the same trick to inject an audio signal in the VCA.

Generally speaking: try to “prototype” these ideas by patching them on a modular. In my experience, brainless audio-rate modulations is a very safe road to android fart noises.