Anushri Amplifier Advice

I would like to use the audio output from my anushri and input to various modules in a still to be constructed euro modular,but I have read in many threads that the audio level may not be high enough without a buffer of some kind. I would like to build something akin to the Doepfer 183-3, as I like the 2x and 4x possibilities. First, is this the appropriate approach to buffering the anushri? Would a modified cmoy circuit work? Are there any existing designs you would recommend? I would like to keep it diy if possible, any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated.
…also if it easily accepted 12v that would be helpful…

Funny, I was just jabbering about this issue earlier today.
I was thinking of building one myself, but the extra stuff I want in a custom module might just be too extraneous for most people, haha. If you find a good solution to this problem, be sure to let us know. :slight_smile:

Hell jeay, why dont you just plug it in and see? Anushris output level is rather hot (as with most MI Instruments) so if you dont have archeologicalyy sourced ancient 5U modules it might well work. At least it does here.

The audio output level of the Anushri is fine … my Minibrute happily takes it in, and does all kinds of naughty things to it …

Nice, thanks for the feedback guys. I guess it makes sense that it’s not really an issue, otherwise I’m sure there would have been more threads looking for solutions. I would have just plugged it in and tried it out, but my modular-to-be is currently just a whole bunch of pcbs and components in my garage waiting to be assembled, and I was just planning ahead…

Thanks again!

Hi, I have two Anushris going into this mixer , and the levels from the Anushri’s are too low (the input leds hardly light up). Is there any way to modify the amp circuit to get a higher output ? Probably a silly question, but, is it as simple as changing the amp IC to a more powerfull one ?
I really dont want to add any more modules or pre-amps etc…

I guess its more a problem of your mixer as the MI Synths Outputs are all rather hot….
Changing the IC won’t work, it the Resistors that determine the Amplification Factor.

So is it possible to change the resistors ? How much more gain factor would I get roughly?

> but, is it as simple as changing the amp IC to a more powerfull one ?

1. What determines the gain is the circuit around the IC, not the IC itself. Changing the IC won’t do anything.

2. You won’t be able to get more gain because Anushri runs on +/- 5V. This sets a limit on the maximum signal level. So with more gain… it’ll clip.

There’s no mod.

Thanks for the help, that all makes sense.
Actually, I think I have a power supply issue anyway (+12/-12).
The bottom row of pots all change the pitch/note when adjusted.
Thanks again, I’ll crack on.