Anushri/Ambika boards and info gone?

I’ve been in and out lately, more out than in, and noticed that all ambika and anushri kits and pcbs are gone from the MI store. Did someone buy up the rest of the Anushri kits and Ambika boards and thus they are no longer available? Also notice the only onlder instrument still listed on the main MI page is the Shruthi. Is there a place to find the old pages/info for the Anushri and Ambika? Did someone buy up the last Anushri kits or were there only one or two left? End of last year wasn’t a prime time to buy for me but also surprised to see the info pages gone. I know Olivier was moving on to modules but didn’t expect to see the info pages gone.
Still there… in the attic

I have announced in october that the Ambika / Anushri kits and boards would be available only while the stock I had at that time last. And it’s gone.

Information about discontinued projects is still available in the “Other projects / The attic” section of the site.