my MIDIo arrived today. i figured, is might be a good idea to open a new thread instead of further derailing the chip february one.

i dont have the regulator and opto for the midi daughterboard yet, but ordered today.
i will report back, when the MIDIo is put together.

easy and fast built. works fine. only hastle was the ftdi windows driver.

i really like the MIDIo.
here is a little test i recorded

i also ordered the stuff for the midi daughter board. here is the schematic, bleo posted in the other thread. (posted here for completeness)

Wil wrote me, that R1 wich is not in the schematic an be left out. and that there will possibly be problems with some midi interfaces. here is what he wrote:

"This is a standard published midi circuit using the CNY-17 instead of a 4N28. The R1 is traditionally a
100k Ohm resistor, and is used to pull the signal to ground when no message is being sent.
I’ve found that the R1 is not needed with either of my circuits (pins 4 & 6 on the CNY-17 can be left unconnected from each other). a 100k shouldn’t hurt it, but was probably more important on analog synths back in the day.

I left the R1 spot in the circuit for people that wanted to make a pcb and use it for other synths.

I should also note something that probably didn’t get passed through the original messages with that schematic:
This circuit won’t work with an Oxygen8 or many of the M-Audio “usb powered” midi controllers. It seems the midi signal on many of those is a bit out of spec, and won’t have the umph to trigger the opto-isolator. Mine sings beautifully with a Yamaha QY10 however, and I know of others that have used the circuit successfully with most “non M-Audio” and non “MIDIman” equipment."

What’s a MiDiO? M