Another very interesting analog mono

Love the 16x4 step sequencer, FX and 2 sub osc+3 rings mods on board…

It even kind of resembles a blown up Shruthi. Let’s wait to hear how it sounds…

Ugly design elements.


it’s a bit of a mixed bag. I think there is some nice things and some really ugly ones on this panel. Anyway… it will certainly be far too expensive!

It is a bit telling that there is no mention of price anywhere. Just for fun, what do y’all think would be a fair price for something like this? Monophonic analogue synths certainly seem to command a premium, although anything with the word “analogue” or even “analog” is apt to be over-priced (don’t even get me started about wood sides) but if it hits around $1500.00, I might be able to justify it.

I would guesstimate it around €500-€600 euro’s… There is a lot of new analog mono’s in the market for around that price.

If it is over 1k, it has to compete with the SubPhatty and this will be more than tough !

Considering the amount of encoders + the rather large enclosure + the fact that it’s likely low volume, 1k+ seems likely…

Seems to be directly competing with the Dominion X SED.

So I’d say less than that but more than the Pulse 2.

3 oscillator analog monos are generally over $1,000. The Pulse is the exception.

If it’s all sorts of money, I’d rather have something different, like this:


Or just get started on a modular.

"I would guesstimate it around €500-€600 euro’s… There is a lot of new analog mono’s in the market for around that price."
never gonna happen. This is a boutique synth, from how the copy is written it sounds like they will be built to order, they won’t build a lot of these, and with all those controls… 1.5K is a more realistic bet.

The one eye-catching feature is phase shifting the waveforms. That is a very nifty feature that should be in more synthesizers.

I really dont give a penny for the looks (i dont want to have any kind of closer intercourse - for now), how does it sound?

>I really don’t give a penny for the looks…, how does it sound?

Based on the two demos I’ve heard so far, this thing sounds amazing!

The feature set is equally impressive. The thing that caught my eye is the VST editor that comes with the unit. Mutable Instruments, are you listening? You can’t sell a hardware synth (even if it is a “synth kit”) in 2013 without an editor/librarian! Seriously, get with the program.

Oh btw, the price will be under $1,000 (US). I will DEFINITELY be buying one! :slight_smile:

That’s it???

Very impressed with the second demo- the filters are NICE.

Just listened to the 2nd “Demo”. Now switch off the delay and the reverb please…because if i run my SixTrak thru a D-Two/MX-300 combo it sounds like a Jupiter 8 :wink:

Yes, im aware that the FX unit is integrated, but if you do a demo you should demo the synth, not your DSP effects, right?

The Analog 4 has built in FX and it couldn’t sound that mono-tastic like that WITH external FX. The filters are still very resonant and impressive under a few layers of FX.