Another trade offer:

Someone is offering me a Yamaha CS-50 for my Sequential Circuits Pro One.

The CS-50 isn’t on my list of dream synths (while the P1 was…), but it is a pretty beastly 4 oscillator, 4 voice analog poly- albeit, with a pithy 12 db filter section. Value-wise, it seems like I could easily sell the CS and buy another P1.

Which begs the question: why not simply sell? It’s a wreck? Sick of putting on eBay and not getting his asking price, with his plan all-along to be purchasing the P1, so just take the $$$$ hit and make the trade?

Anyone own/use one of these guys?

Hmm… if you have a MINT Pro One VS a decent CS50, I would keep the Pro One. As I have a penchant for sampling my monosynths for polyphony, I would choose timbrel diversity over hype any day. Weight and size is also another consideration. If you have to ship it, I wouldn’t recommend it at all due to my spotty experience with shipped synthesizers.
I would look into one of the several monosynth CS series. I have no idea how they vary oscillator wise, but the filters are all of the 12dB ilk - not that it is a bad filter type. Of course, you can listen to audio demos before you make your decision.
If you do decide to trade for any reason - sample your Pro One. That way you still have your favorite timbres from it. At least sample the oscillators.

I would keep the Pro 1. I spent an afternoon with a CS-50 back when it was first released and didn’t like it at all. It was thin sounding and not very impressive. In fact, we ran it through a chorus to fatten it up a bit. A CS-80 might be cool but a CS-50 is not a baby CS-80.

Now, if it was a CS-60… I almost got a 60 off CL for $300. Someone beat me to the guys house :frowning:

Yeah, It’s hard to part with the modulation love-fest I got going on with this Pro 1. I’d love a CS-80, but I’d probably need to keep that thing on the roof! It’s huge!

Someone is selling a Minimoog D locally for a very reasonable $2,500. The trader would be interested in some of my stuff, but I’d basically be cleaned out leaving me with a P12, a P1, an Anushri and an Octatrack. It would take the Ambika and the A4 and some cash. I need to just hold tight here. I wouldn’t regret getting one, but I’ll get on one day without dropping two of my most precious synths.

On the CS-50 note: I forgot I promised myself i wouldn’t get a vintage analog unless it’s on my short list of dream synths, and the CS series is nowhere near the list.

must…resist…urge…to trade!

Then don’t get one. :slight_smile: Yeah… we all know it’s not that easy. :o
As stated above, a CS-60 is far more like a CS-80 than a CS-50. As the CS-50 doesn’t even have the ring modulator, among other features.
On the Model D, that would be a steep sounding trade for me. However, that is at your discretion. I wouldn’t trade an Ambika for one as it can do so much more than a Model D. Also, if by A4 you mean one of these, it looks like too much fun to trade, haha.
Don’t worry, you will get though this. Just remember, you don’t need the Model D as long as you have your Pro One. :wink:

I mean an Analog 4. Not as fun as THAT A4. I shall resist. In fact, qp (Adam) up there is benefiting from a shot in the dark bid I placed on a Pro One 2 weeks ago. i ended up winning the bid (J-wire, late model run) for a “gentleman’s” $1250- not 4 days after I had already traded for one. The previous ones were going well over $1450, so I figured my bid wasn’t going to stand, but it did. Whoops. Luckily I’ve had a “find me a reasonably priced P1”, for a, “sure, if you look for a non ridiculous Moog Prodigy B” deal with him for a while, so I won’t be that guy with two Pro Ones for very long.

Erm…anyone wanna trade 2 Pro Ones and my first born child for an OB-X?

You make that sound like it’s a bad thing, owning 2 of a given synthesizer. I’ve heard similar stores, and that seems to be how prices usually go through the roof. Nice to hear about one that ended the other way around. I hope that you enjoy your Prodigy, Pro One combo.

The OB-X was the first synthesizer I actually purchased, $6000.00 for a six voice when they first came out. I spent alot of time with it, did a short tour of Canada (4 months) with a band and got to know it very well. Sold it for $3000.00 when I got off the road. Nice synth.

Why does MFB keep making things I really want? This “Dominion 1e” is REALLY making me consider giving it a shot. Has anyone read these specs?? It plainly Borrows a lot of the mod matrix from the P1, but 3 LFOs! 2 with one-shot/kill switch buttons- which I assume makes the knobs will latch to make up for the parameter changes involved in being able to “one shot” an LFO). They learned their lesson on the Donminion X SED by adding many more powerful filter modes, and the same (and way more) is present in the 1e:

  • Programmabele Analog Synthesizer with 3 Octave Keyboard
  • 2 Ribbon Controls, Arpeggiator/Sequencer, Velocity&Aftertouch
  • 3 VCOs with Waveshaping, Analog&Digital Ringmodulator
  • Dual-Sync and dynamic FM, Noisegenerator
  • 12 fold redesigned four stages SED Multimode Filter
  • Huge Patchfield to speak with world of Modulars and CV/Gate
  • Velocity-Routingmatrix with 12 destinations
  • 3 LFOs, 2 with One-Shot-Function and Reset
  • 3 Envelopes with 70mm Faders
  • Intuitive Handling and Quality Hardware, internal Power Supply
  • Midi Dump, In, Out, Thru
  • MSRP: 1380,- Euro

1380 Euro is steep, for sure, but that’s one HELL of a monosynth. It’s almost like they remade the Pro One with an extra oscillator (and ribbon controllers!) , wave shaping, analog and digital ringmod…to sit right above the P12 and perfectly complaint it. Pending sound demos, this thing might have just blown away the competition.

Edit: one crappy demo…is enough to know the thing is a beast!