Another Shruthi finished :-)

So, after a nice (and well deserved I might add) vacation I finished my 2nd Shruthi last night.

This one has the SSM2044 filter board and a very very nice yellow OLED display and I must say I am very happy with this 2nd build. Apart from a little hickup getting the SSM chip to self oscillate everything worked first time. It sounds very good and the OLED display is a true joy to look at.

I’ve also been playing around with poly chaining my two Shruthis and wow… nice stuff! This gave me a taste of what Ambika must be like. It is also nice to run them parallel, detune on of 'm a little bit and pan one full left and the other full right. Lightly sprinkle with some delay and/or chorus and you are rewarded with a truly amazing sound!

So what’s next? I think I see an Ambika in my future :slight_smile: