Another Shruthi editor!

Without taking anything away from Manuel’s awesome work on his editor , I wanted to let people know about another approach that I have been working on.

Ctrlr is the awesome work of “atom” (Roman Kubiak) - it allowed in the past for relatively easy creation of cross platform controllers (including plugin versions), with a minimum of programming required. In the latest version he’s just made available (v5), he has removed altogether the need to write any code; you place controller UI elements on a panel, position them as you like, then edit their UI and MIDI properties from a properties panel. He has made custom graphics controller elements (so you can use awesome tools like Knobman to have custom knobs), and you can have custom graphic backgrounds as well. Best of all, it is still cross platform (Win/Mac/Linux), and it allows for plugin versions to be made as well. Check out an example of a killer panel someone has already designed for the Microwave XT:

So I have started work on a Shruthi controller - not at all done yet, no custom graphics and with a couple of bugs, but just to illustrate how easily these things will come together. I’ve not included all controllers yet, and the feedback from the Shruthi back to the controller is not yet working (bug with incoming NRPN into the app), but atom is addressing it.

I think it would be way cool if we could collaborate, and make one cool killer controller, with nice graphics and such. Plus this thing also stores patches, etc…

What do people think?

That sounds great! I was thinking it would be great to have an AudioUnit or VST editor for the Shruthi-1, but never had any real idea about how to do it. This looks like a good solution. Is this likely to get around Ableton Live’s lack of NRPN support, do you think?


Atom is awesome…

wow looks great. i should really get off my ass and put together those livid “turn” boards i have lying here eh?

Interesting. When I started my editor in april, I looked at ctrlr and decided it was too much overhead.

I think qt is skinnable as well. Maybe we can use the same graphics. Although I’m not sure I want to use graphics. I’m not very fond of programs that don’t use the default look of the system.

We should use the same file format for patches.

interesting to see different approaches.

i’m not sure if i got that right, will this also be standalone, like the Party Favor? or do i need software that i otherwise don’t need (ableton) ?
anyway, nice to see new stuff from you!

I’m all for building upon tools that make things easier, as long as these tools are free and easy to distribute. It looks like ctrlr falls into this category. I actually had a look at it some time ago but wasn’t sure where to start, and had too much on my plate to start work on an editor (this is still the case now).

If you need help parsing the Shruthi-1 MIDI specs/implementation let me know.

I talk about ctrl in some of first topic, when Shruti was born, but now without code to implement it’s another story!

If you like, i could contribute some programmer like layout + graphics…

@toneburst: I haven’t tested the plugin in Live yet, but I will. It sends/receives NRPNs (although it could do it via CC too if necessary). As long as Ableton doesn’t filter those messages out, it should work. Not sure about automation, etc… but that should theoretically work too.

@EATYone: Yes, with no code to write any longer, just configuration of properties, my prediction is that Ctrlr will now explode, with lots of support and people using it! Atom also seems really committed, changes/enhancements/fixes are coming quickly, and he is very responsive to feedback.

@Manuel: I haven’t looked at any of the patch storage stuff yet, as I think atom has not finished implementing it yet…

@rosch: What’s cool with Ctrlr is that the same .panel file can be made used in Ctrlr as a standalone, or as a plugin (VST on Win, VST or AU on Mac, not sure what on Linux). Just download Ctrlr, open it up, then load the .panel file that I linked to above. Also, atom has made it so you can export a “Player” version of the controller, that is specific for just a single controller.

@fcd72: Funny you paste in that image - I was using it when I first experimented with Ctrlr; I laid out the knobs over that image. :) It got a little cluttered, so I abandoned it for now, but in general - yes, let’s come up with some nice graphics to use…


I hadn’t got the time yet do have a look at Ctrl but wouldn it be possible to go for then ENVs without knobs, just dragging around the Parts of the envelope like a rubber band? Would be quite new and never has been seen…

EDIT: havin put together the Shruthi XT Enclosure im not that happy with the LFOs Rate Pots - sometimes youll have to just build a thing and see … in general this layout is more a haptic one, but i will have a look during the hollidays, mavbe i have some nice ideas for a mouse based interface for this Ctrl-Thingy :wink:

Don’t think that’s possible in Ctrlr, unless you got really fancy with doing Knobman images that simulated the “rubber banding.”

I might have to ask on one of the KVR Knobman threads to see if anyone has done something like that before…

fcd72 anddnigrin

ctrlr does do regular sliders instead of knobs, I think that’s what you’re asking, so that would be perfect for envelope’s visually

Oh… just realize, you mean a more GUI based one where it draws the lines between the parameters and you just drag the individual points, now that would be cool if it could be implemented. But I’ll settle just for “mechanical” sliders :slight_smile:

I’ve started building ctrlr panels for my Blofeld, Biscuit, and Mopho. Hope to get one for mdibox SID as well

NI Reaktor and it’s user library might be a good source for button graphics.
Just a thought.


Faders/dials/switches graphics is no problem - there’s zillions of them out there for Knobman. It’s more of the background graphics that I would need help with.

Mopho, i remember There is already a ctrl éditor for it…An yes reaktor user lib is a good source for ready made button package.

Im game for helping/making backgrounds :slight_smile:

@V’cent: cool. I will try to post an updated version of the more complete Ctrlr editor that I posted at the beginning of this thread soon. If you want to try to visualize something using those graphic elements, then go for it. Know also that all the user interface elements can be made using custom (e.g. Knobman) graphics… So don’t feel constrained by the default elements that I am currently using…

Looking forward to that editor, dnigrin. There will be a Mac version, presumably…


ctrlr has both mac and PC versions. Any panel built in one will work in the other.