Another Shruthi-1 alive + Audio Demo + NEW Sequences Video Demo! (9th Apr.)


I’ve very much enjoyed soldering and assembling the Kit - Congratulations to Olivier and everyone else involved.
Having done some other DIY stuff (mainly MIDIbox), I highly appreciate the very detailed soldering guides.

Now, the synth itself completely blew my away, awesome sound, clever interface and lots of possibilities, especially due to the waves and their specific (modulatable!) wave parameter.
And I’ve just scratched on the surface.

I’m looking forward to do some audio and video demos, which I will post here of course. See this flickr album for some images

So, here’s #1406:

As mentioned above, here’s some audio demo.
These are “homemade” patches I created - and I had a lot of fun !

Those a are really Great! Really very impressive. Would you consider contributing to the patch repository?

Thanks !
I’ve already sent them to Olivier so he can fill up those empty EEPROM slots :wink:
Oh, and I’ll be doing more, this is just the “harvest” of the first few days.

hey stuart?

Could you give me hints about your patch 11th???

its so cool…


The organ one? I loved it too. It’s going to be in the presets with the next batch of kits. You play A C A C E G A C E G or C D# C D# with a TR-909 kick and a x - - x - - x - - x - - x - x - pattern with “woodtock” (another new preset) and it’s instant deep house.

@bsilverberg (and everybody else): what patch repository? where is that? did i miss something?

on the eeproms of the next batch of kits :smiley:

oh, that. when i read “repository”, i thought there was some kind of public place where you can upload and download patches. something a bit more flexible than buying new preprogrammed eeproms once in a while. :slight_smile:

I want to do a web patch repository, en editor, new filter boards, and new projects. At the moment I’m setting my priority on the filter board.

But first, let’s finish this firmware and prepare this batch of kits…

As promised in my first post: a video demo!


Best demo i’ve seen for this marvelous synth, yeah!

Thank a lot! Hearing this from another demo guy, I feel kinda proud :slight_smile:

Update: I’ve uploaded some of the sounds included in that video to the patch sharing thread - the remaining ones are already in the v0.93 firmware patches :sunglasses: