Another sensor idea for the CV inputs

Paper touch surface

This weekend I am trying to build a boozy controller, using an alcohol sensor - think I’m going to try and do a theremin style ‘pitch control related to booziness’ arrangement. I’m also going to try and do loads of similar unusual sensors, like compass, accelerometers, flex sensors. Using Highly Liquids Midi CPU ( to do it. Quite good in that you can stick headers on there and then use jumper leads, so you can swap out your sensors and mix and match. I’ve already used it to build the guts of a midi harp:, using photoresistors.

Obviously results are more likely to be interesting than traditionally musically useful, but I’m thinking quite fun for people who are not necessarily keyboard proficient to play about with music. Going up to a music festival in November and hoping to take this modular controller and a Shruthi for a laugh in the house we’re staying in if I can get it together in time.

There should be direct firmware support for the alcohol sensor in .94 . . . .


Aw, nice to see someone thinking along the same lines! Love it.