Another Programmer Troubleshooting thread

So the past few days I have finally had the time to work on my shruthi-1 with programmer. I am using the digital filter board. I have checked all of my wiring and it checks out. What is happening is some of the pots do what they are supposed to do, with the right parameter. However many of them do nothing at all, and others will simultaneously change 2 parameters at the same time.

Anyone encounter this?

Most likely a soldering problem somewhere. Albeit “somne of the pots” isnt very specific to track down the problem. Check if the Pots are on the same Rainbow wire, this gives you an indication of where to look for shorts/colds/bridges/poor Soldering on the Board.

So I finally got around to fully checking all the pots. The problem is consistent among all 4 ports, the red and orange lines work perfectly, the grey and white lines access 2 parameters at the same time, one of which is the correct parameter. the other 4 don’t function at all. I have reheated all solders and all pots look good.

It’s not a problem with the rainbow cables themselves, I checked their continuity across all 10 lines.

I would really appreciate some help with this so I can get this project finished.

Send in the ProgBoard so i can have a look. PM me for Adress…