Another nice Rendering from Waldorf

Heres another nice Rendereing from Waldorf, this time its called “Rocket” and should be available in March. I don’t know exactly what year, though…

Heres a Video - the SOund is also presumably only rendered - If you EQ your Anushri a bit (that means filter away the real base) . . . . .

I wonder why they only show renderings every time - don’t the get an item for approval before ordering containers full of Gadgets?


I was surprised that they did not already show it at NAMM.

Erm, looks fairly limited: What about a full-on ADSR env? Dunno how this will work. Also, what’s the deal with 1 LFO and a selector for its destination? Why not a couple and LFO amount on each module: VCO, VCF bla bla?

This looks like a Monotribe sans drums, I hope there’s more to it!

I think this is supposed to be a “quick and dirty” fun machine. And for this price and with this sound it will fit in a lot of existing setups.

For that price I can get two Monotribes, plus fit MIDI to them… However, this does SUPERSAW Yarr!

The press release states:
“Thanks to its incredibly destructive sound he is according to the Geneva Conventions classified as a weapon of mass destruction, namely one with unmatched fun factor.”

Very funny. As funny as the Manual - every sentence with placative self irony.

Where had Waldorf gone, seeing this release i will now ashamed put a towel over my MW2 XT that sits visible in my LivingRoom Setup…

I doubt we’ll see another Wave or even that old rendering of the Stromberg made real from them soon. But, they have families to feed too… Life’s tough in the groovebox future.

And it has revolutionary new Envelopes with binary Sustain and Release (either on or off, the Filter Env has even no Sustain???) and a variable Decay. No such unnecessary Features like variable Attack or some other SchnickSchnack™.

Waldorf Monotribe?

Monowald ?

Is that all analog or hybrid?



The rendering looks digital, not very analog. :wink:

Hybrid. Saw/Square and 12db Filter according to

looks like they dropped the ball and ended up with a watery shruthi

Maybe they just need some money… the only justification doing this with such an heritage like Waldorf.

So sad, they built the most desirable synth in the world and now this. Whats next, Bentley doing a version of the Daihatsu Cuore?

Bentley Yug0

Angelina Jolie with Cup A ?

Angelina Jolie with cat lips.