Another Ipad editor

HI, Here another Ipad editor for the mutables…

Part II



and more importantly: where do we get it? is it a template for some controller app, or is it a standalone-app of its own?

It’s a lemur template-

Looks awesome- nice work

Nangu was first, but still I want to say something about it

Ok. Schlodder and Wöppler, that are names from the modules I made myself.
The Wöppler is a modulator what is working with a X and a y axis. In my case it modulate the shape and the range. Made a awesome sounding.
The schlodder is a recordable fader.
I was working some days to build this. The editor is an really nice peace of software. A bit of scripting is what is needed and some fantasy.
So guys. I have to go.
Here my template. and have a nice time