Another happy Ambika user

Just posting to say this synth is great!
I purchased PCBs + pre programmed ICs from Laurentide SynthWorks.
Cut my own panel down from a serge blank aluminum piece with a power saw & with a nibler cut the rectangle out.
Still need to make a panel for my LXR + Its easier to make little holes by hand than little rectangles, so I used the LXR’s buttons (for now),
with a little zip tie around the bottom of each button preventing them from falling out.
Anybody got a part number for a round button designed not to fall out?*
I had some extra PNP Blue from some old serge panel etching projects, and applied it on for a weird DIY look.
It fits in my Serge case with the break out panel. Break out panels were made from scrap DIY serge panels. Not customized for this job but will allow experimentation/ room for mods.
To make it fit in 7" height I had to make custom cables. the midi & 1/4" cables going to the ambika were assembled without the barrels.
1/4" U channel from the hardware store as DIY rails.
Thanks for putting this project out there Olivier !
I highly recommend this synth for any one with a mid to advanced SDIY skill level.
Make sure you pay attention while soldering the screen. Don’t solder it on backwards ! lol If you do , use a heat gun to remove it.
Here is this rig in action + small mixer, looper, external reverb. sequenced from the Octo. may be this week I will try the internal Ambika sequencer.

looks very cool! Did you apply some protection paint over the PNP? or is it scratch resistant enough without?

Its pretty tough, will probably etch the panel eventually.


Etch and then rub black paint over the panel. Whipe off the paint. I imagine it looks pretty sick when the paint stays in the etched (= recessed) areas of the board.