'Another Dimension' (modular live video)

Hi forum!

My name is Igor, and some of you may have already stumbled on some of my posts at another place called Muff’s. I make music and play on a computer-less setup: volcas, mixer, modular, and live–like most here, I guess?–in Europe, a country called Belarus. You could obviously tell that I like everything mutable, so I decided to sign up here and see how it goes.

For today I wanted to share with you some of my recent live footage – there is probably no better way to introduce myself than that. This recording is called ‘Another Dimension’ and is a live improvised techno performance, with all the synth parts you hear coming from mutable modules (and even some drums). I also left a note in the comments section about how you could patch up warps for a self-contained complex VCO voice, and linked a folder with more videos that you could download or stream – definitely look it up.



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Hey welcome here rk!

I need to reming myself to use Warps more often, I somehow forget it´s depth all too often.