Another COVID-19 announcement

You’ve probably received many of these in your inbox, and now is my turn.

In the current situation, with France in lockdown, it is not the right thing to do to continue going every morning to my workshop. I only have a limited stock of modules left anyway, and the production lines have stopped this week.

What I can no longer do:

  • Ship orders to dealers.
  • Make progress on the release of the modules developed in 2017–2019 - the ball is in my contract manufacturers’ court!
  • Receive and repair modules. Since the beginning of the week, there have been disturbances with the postal services and some delivery companies (TNT, DPD), so your broken module is safer at your home than in warehouses. Please don’t send anything for repair!
  • Answer support questions that require access to test equipment or to a physical module to reproduce and diagnose the problem.

I can still:

  • Answer other support and technical questions of course…
  • … and as you’ve seen today, even post mini firmware patches :slight_smile: !

I know this isn’t much, and this can be quite frustrating, but I will do my best to catch up with everything once the world is safe and healthy again!


Take care of yourself Emilie. Wishing you the best for these unusual times.

Thanks for the update!

Nice to hear there are modules created between 2017 and 2019 in progress :slight_smile:
Using my quarantine to go deeper into Plaits, among others. Its just such a great module, deceptively so! I mean its decepting that it seems so simple, but is so great.


Stay safe :slight_smile: im practicing my bass guitar :stuck_out_tongue:

All work for the foreseeable future cancelled. Firms I’ve done work for recently not paying my invoices on time. Had to travel to do some stuff for my aging mother. Next week, when I return home I will be:

a) looking for a temporary supermarket job (night time shelf stacking or delivery driving)
b) making music

(Sadly also not releasing the next Hyberus album, even though it’s almost finished, as I can’t afford to)

That sounds really tough.
I hope things work out some way or another :frowning:

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It’s not too bad (yet). I don’t find social distancing a problem, so long as I can go out for a long walk every day. I’m getting a lot of music, reading, spring cleaning and decorating done, so overall it’s not as bad as it could be!