Another Anushri Tuning Thread

I can ~almost~ get this thing in tune. It seems that at from c2 to c3 I am 1 semitone out (measures C2, C#3 with the trimmer topped out). I can push the notes farther apart, but that’s as close as they’ll get regardless of the offset. Larger ranges are exponentially worse, seems there’s some gain in the v/oct

Measurements straight out of the DAC seem to be right on 0.549 1.049 1.549 2.049 etc. I thought of a few possible things to try, but am curious what others have done.

I think if R60 was less than R61, you’d not be able to tune it with the trimmer.

Should I tack on a 1k in series with R60 to raise it’s value?

Should I replace R60 and R61 with a matched set?

Have you used 1% resistors?

You can try replacing R61 by a small value like 91k ; and R75 by a 20k trimmer to have a larger calibration range.

I did use 1%. Made the changes you suggested and was able to tune it to .5c variance over 5 octaves… good enough for me!

This thing is a blast!