Another and Probably Really the Last Shruti-1 Assembled

Now that we’re completely living in the days of the mighty Shruthi-1, I thought I’d share with you my embarrassingly late, now oldschool, Shruti-1. Even now, I still have a few odds and ends to clean up, as noted in the flickr photo stream. But all in all, I am absolutely loving the way it came out. It sounds fantastic and looks decent (it’ll be better once I re-mount the LEDs and fix the lid). Even though I am extremely late to the game, I had a blast building this thing. Mr Pichenettes was patient with me, as I totally butchered the first PCB I received (I’m an amateur electronics hacker, at best), and I got some great help from you guys on the forum here, as well. A huge thanks to everyone who helped!


Here’s the set on flickr

nice job! well, the good news is you’re not the last to build your shruti-1. That would be me! Just days after receiving my kit in the mail, my company decided to start flying me to jobs all over the country. Normally I drive everywhere and carrying a soldering iron and lots of loose electronic is no big deal, in fact i had been building Eric Archer’s Andromeda Space Rockers kits after work in hotel rooms for several months, so the shruti was an eagerly anticipated project to say the least! But trying to board an airplane in the states with the same devices is another story! So i have one sad shruti sitting in my studio still waiting to be assembled. At this point I should probably let somebody more deserving have a crack at it and order a Shruthi-1 later on when my schedule backs down to normal levels.
Happy Shruti-ing! Hope to join the club before too long.

Ah, thanks for the compliments, and I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had a chance to build your Shruti yet. I’ve always found it annoying and weird that so many Americans think “breadboard/pcb with wires” = bomb. Like this:
UPDATED: Aqua Teen Hunger Force LED art shuts down Boston
Suspicious objects found throughout Boston after morning bomb scare

Nice job Noka! I found interesting your use of the plexi inside the case to support the board/standoff…

Your photos reminded me that I still have to take/post photos of my clear plexi/Pactec case Shruti with power on in a darkened room… :slight_smile: