Another analog drum machine + bass synth… Akai rhythm wolf


  • Analog kick, snare, open & closed Hi-Hat and metallic percussion
  • Analog bass synth ala 303 (24db filter, saw+square)
  • Distortion
  • Gate trigger for eurorack/vintage gear
  • separate out for drum & bass synth
  • 32-Step Sequencer, 16 patterns
  • USB-MIDI and MIDI In/Out
  • 240 Euro (Streetprice: $199/190 Euro)
  • wood… … !


Ok, now I am interested. :slight_smile:

It’s nice how everyone is making analog gear once again! :slight_smile:

Looks pretty nice, by the way.

ok, now i begin to buy some of the digital synths that nobody wants anymore…… as soon as you are over the analog hype in a few years the digital retro wave will rise like a tsunami (and thereafter the VintageVA Wave - before the Analog 3.0 Hype starts……. The Mayas will be proved right, time runs in circles!)

I hope it isn’t just a copy of the 808/909 circuits. And no toms :confused: I love toms…

Anyway. Awesome price: 190 Euro o0

I think it is missing an audio input for use with the filter. That would make it worth more than the volca bass/beats hands down. This seems like the perfect complement to their recent cheap digital drum pad sample players.
After seeing this, I am curious to see if they will release an S-series style digital sampling synth in a smaller form-factor with modern data storage. I would love that.

hmmm. I want an analog rytm - but am very very far from being able to afford one. this will be nothing like, but may plug the same sort of gap in a very budget armoury… [EDIT] - like mine

I have to say I kinda agree with @bendy_john on this. All the new cheap analog (or virtual analog) boxes are going to be a lot of fun, but at this point I’d rather pay 6 times as much and have the full control and the sequencer and the built-in effects and all the other performance stuff as well…

This looks excellent for the price.

We are truly spoiled for choice!

I’m with Frank. Hopefully I can now get the Radias, Sirius, and Supernova I always wanted because people will start ditching them for cheap .

I’m still hoping for people to start dumping their Alesis Andromeda A6 for cheap because they assume it must have been a VA given its release date…

15 years ago i probably would have died for something like the rhythm wolf.
And the price seems truly amazing.
However, cheap alone isn’t enough if it is a half-baked concept and sound-wise interesting only for about 17 minutes (difficult to tell from a picture).

At least the Akai almost looks good (as do the volcas), imho, whereas the new rolands are ugly as hell (i know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this greenish TR touchscreen wannabe 303, not for me).

What i really would like to see is a more versatile HW sequencer. Not 128 patterns, named A00 to H16, and backup via midi dump. I want a versatile small HW sequencer that can drive reasonable complex pieces (like the MPC) but also is playful and fun like an analogue sequencer, with tracks of different length, randomization and so on (maybe i should have a look at the cirklon … if it wasn’t so expensive …)

This news was probably too hot for Akai, because their website collapsed.

Albeit this one looks nice and trendy, it is after all AKAI, which now belongs to Alesis. So after all they messed/crapped up completely their main workhorse (MPC) i am more than sceptical about this. AKAI was known for much, but not for analogue sounding equipment. Their main competences were ever: tight timing and absolutely clean and punchy digital sounds and processing. And Alesis - well now - they were Alesis, a company which has seen their best days about 20 years ago. I go with fcd72s opinion: all your digital stuff belong to us now !

rhythm wolf, volca beats, tanzbär, analog rythm, machinedrum, tr-8, xbase… What’s happening? So many options… analog, digital, sample based… It’s awesome :slight_smile:

It’s so ugly, but I am still so very interested. Whoever designed the look of it should be fired. Was that silver block really necessary?

Yep, it’s the new AKAI design, look at the MPC Studio…

The colours probably make more sense in dark club conditions.

@" it is after all AKAI, which now belongs to Alesis. "

I thought that Akai and Alesis are pwnd by Numark?