Another (almost) fully Mutable system

HI Guys,

After 9 years, i decided to go back Eurorack format mostly for Mutables modules.
Now that my system is almost done i still have a few empty spaces to fill in with modules.
However i feel a bit lost between configurations.

Here is my actual set-up :
and the one i’m planning :

The goal of this system is to have a large mix between different synthesis and compositions approaches.
(Soustractive/additive/sampling etc.). However i think really need some more VCAs so what would be your choice for it ?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Looks like you have kept your two racks private.

Oops, my bad.
Sould be ok now.

It’s not that bad actually!

In addition to the Triple Bipolar VCA, you’ll have Streams, Frames, and Ripples for VCA-ish things :slight_smile:


  • Replace Triple Bipolar VCA + Shades by Blinds and a 2-HP tool?
  • Replace Frames by Blinds or Veils + 6-HP worth of modulation.

Hey Seb, so you’re back huh? What have you done with the big Buchla suitcase you showed us last year? (i.e. can I have it? :). Ok, in your seat I’d probably get Blinds, and Streams too which is super useful despite its few idiosyncrasies (I feel like you’re missing a simple envelope). And/or a second Tides, which might be the most useful MI module of all.

Looks good!


Good looking and very nice mutable modular system :slight_smile:

@Olivier :

Thanks much. You precisely point up the space i’m not sure about -> Triple Bipolar VCA. Blinds or Veils is definitely an option and in my head since a few days. However i can’t see myself having no Frames in this Setup. I love how it articulates well the modulation and/or create nice CV Sequences. It’s a worth flesh “hp” eater.

@mqtthiqs :

Hey Math :). Yes i am. The Buchla grown even more after the suitcase era but eventually got sold and the modules squandered all over the world. Absolutely no regret so far. It might sounds erethical but i never got the “Modjo” to use it in my music (originally i’m more a Serge guy) and far prefer my actual set-up. I loved assembling it though it was pricey as hell. Oh and i kept the Music Easel 1:1 clone too just “in case” of. You’re more than welcome if you want to playt it.:slight_smile:

Back to the topic, Ok so another vote for Blinds. Regarding Streams, look at the second row, the module on the right. :wink: But maybe you think i should add another one ? Tides is definitely a must have indeed, i love mine ! The other module i wish i may have 2/pcs is Peaks. Perfect swiss knife

@Varthdader :

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks much guys for your advices. I appreciate.
Will dig this system further as it is and see how it evolves.

Thanks Rolf :slight_smile:
Need to make some interesting Noise and/or Music with it now.

I’d consider replacing the TipTop One modules with Music Thing Radio Musics.

They’re more flexible, and can do one-shot playback and play WAV files, just like the Ones (and can even play the SD cards sold for the One module).


…plus, you can install the Chord Organ firmware, which is quite cool.


If you’re not into DIY, and you’re in the UK/EU, I’d be happy to build a couple for you, for cost + enough to buy myself another one of the same :wink:


Thanks but I’m confident enough to build myself a pair of those if needed… and i won’t. I need the 24 bit, 96khz audio quality among all other features the One offers and the Radio Music don’t, for my project. Don’t care about the ready made cards though. Part of the magic is to build up a personal database imho.

Get a Disting MK4 and a RadioMusic/ChordOrgan instead of the 2x One

Good point about the 12 bit Radio Music output. I had forgotten again that.

Agreed about building your own library. I have a nice collection of percussion sounds I made from recordings of me messing around with cutlery in the kitchen :wink: